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GreenEmployability™ is part of the Green Reparation portfolio of specialist services that provides transitions to work for unemployed and low-skilled sentenced offenders specifically in the green economy.

The GreenEmployability programme provides offenders with practical route ways to employment in the green sector, offering a sustainable alternative to recidivism and a means to contribute to the green economy. It tackles offender disadvantages in the labour market through a holistic self-assessment approach to personal development that integrates workplace, lifestyle and offender behaviours.

As countries across the world experience high unemployment rates and a surplus of trained people for certain occupations, there remains a shortage of talent for jobs in the growing green sector. Green Reparation’s role is to match work opportunities in the criminal justice system with the needs of sentenced offenders and green employers. Our goal is not only to utilise time served on custodial and community sentences effectively, but also to prepare and position offenders for green jobs that offer a living wage and a durable career.


Green Reparation CIC is the initiator of and national host organisation for The Green Employability Project, an 18-month partnership of eight UK national organisations to support employment service cooperation in the provision of ‘green employability’ among offenders as a vulnerable group.

The project is funded with support from the PARES (PARtnership between Employment Services) programme, an initiative of the European Commission.