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Our mission is to engage offenders in sustainable and replicable environmental social enterprises that deliver reparation and reduce the costs of punishment while providing a route to employment in the green economy.

Our programmes, products and services are designed to deliver transitional change to the lives of offenders, their families and communities by harnessing the opportunities of a growing green economy. Through collaborative agreements with Probation Trusts, prisons, environmental social enterprises and other agencies, we channel time served on Community Payback or in prison into constructive endeavour of multiple benefit and lasting impact.

stepping stones over waterBy bringing together environmental, justice and social enterprise agendas, Green Reparation is able to secure strategic outcomes on three fronts.

Better environment:  Using the time and skills of offenders and ex-offenders to enable waste and environmental initiatives that otherwise would not be commercially viable.

Reduced reoffending:  Providing a specific route way from crime to employment through offender employability and employer engagement in the green economy.

Stronger economies:  Using social franchising both to strengthen local regeneration through local ownership and to provide national economies of scale that promote the growth of sustainable social enterprises.



Improve criminal justice outcomes

Reduce reoffending through the rehabilitation and employment of offenders

Engage with working prisons in the delivery of supervised training and work programmes

Support Probation Trusts and Community Payback to be more effective and competitive

Grow the green economy

Develop offenders as a  green-skilled available workforce

Provide cost-effective, value for money waste management services for businesses

Reduce waste going to landfill

Promote sustainable lifestyles

Facilitate green job creation

Foster employment services integration.