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Green Reparation makes ‘common sense’ and ‘business sense’, with the potential for growth.

Helping businesses to reduce costs and be greener

Landfill tax is rising sharply. Waste services for businesses, particularly SMEs and retailers, are often little more than poor extensions of the main municipal waste collections supplemented by small-scale social enterprise ‘extras’. Businesses large and small need solutions to meet the growing costs of waste and the growing expectations of customers who increasingly demand that the products and services they buy, as well as those they buy from, possess green credentials.

Helping offenders to serve sentences and find work

Offender time on senetences is unpaid or at an allowance level less than wages. Provided the incentives and rewards to xxx are focused on a real job propsects more than remuneration, non-commercial labour-intensive waste and recycling work can be undertaken successfully for mutual benefit. Income reducing the costs of punishment is important on increasingly competitve environment for cirminal justicexxx.

Helping providers to be independent, competitive and local

Service providers in the public sector cannot compete in the long term with those in the private sector or social enterprise sector because they do not sufficiently control costs, trading incomes, investments or surpluses. The xxx emphasis on securing economies of scale has lurched public service procurement into prime contracting dominated by the private sector big players. Social franchising provides an alternative to xxx, withlocalsim and best value while building from experience value and continuity of staff spin out Public Service Mutualsxxx.