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Green Reparation invites you to contribute to building green futures for individuals, organisations, networks and communities through a range of opportunities.
Green employers

Is your green business looking for a cost-effective way to accomplish certain work responsibilities, while growing your capacity to take on more staff and customer contracts?

Providing work placements and trials for ex-offenders, under the Green Reparation programme of guidance and support, can be a rewarding and mutually productive means to developing personal and business potential.

Waste generators

Is your business seeking environmentally responsible ways to address waste that currently goes to landfill?

We offer competitive services to businesses in wood and textile waste recycling in selected geographical areas in England and Wales.

Criminal Justice Agencies

Are you requiring a supply of work for offenders under your supervision?

Prisons and Probation Trusts can participate in the waste processing and recycling supply chains, and derive benefit from Green Reparation’s income-generating work  and work experience and training for prisoners, which has through-the-gate integration with local employment and intervention programmes.

Social Enterprises

Would your environmental social business benefit from offenders or ex-offenders on placement and could you provide work experience that will improve their job prospects?

Environmental social enterprises often have goals to improve the employability of disadvantaged groups while benefitting from the unpaid work Green Reparation can act as broker to facilitate the participation of organisations working with offenders.

We would also be keen to hear from you if you have business idea compatible with Green Reparation’s objectives where we could consider joint working.