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Green Reparation™ waste and recycling services operate where the commercial market fails in order to avoid any job substitution and to provide innovative solutions.

Green Reparation Wood Recycling Service

Wood is one of the most significant materials going to landfill, largely generated from construction and demolition activities. Yet it has proven reclamation and reuse potential that includes high value recycled products. Joinery workshops have been a longstanding feature of prison workshop and community service facilities. With a ready supply of ‘waste’ wood for the under-utilised workshops and equipment available in the criminal justice sector, this is a natural business area for Green Reparation to develop.

Green Reparation Corporatewear Recycling Service

Unlike other mainstream textile waste, corporatewear with its branding and uniform style, is not suitable for reuse in developing countries or conventional recycling. This is a major problem for companies needing to protect brand security while aiming to reduce their landfill and environmental impact. Over 30 million employees in the UK wear corporate clothing yet there is no dedicated service to divert these resources from landfill at their end of life or after rebranding and create value from them. Successful intervention is labour intensive, which fits the Green Reparation business model.