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Branded workwear

Corporatewear — a niche business in textile recycling.

While many companies in the UK utilise corporatewear, few appear to consider end-of-life opportunities for the garments they purchase and limited resource is allocated to ensuring these items are not destined for landfill. Corporate wear includes any clothing provided by employers to staff, and includes: workwear such as coveralls and nurse’s uniforms, protective wear such as fire retardant garments, career-wear defined by corporate codes of dress such as that worn by airline, hotel and banking staff,  corporate casual-wear such as branded polos, sweatshirts and knitwear, and uniforms such as those commissioned by military and public service institutions.

Full brand security, Full peace of mind

Green Reparation offers a responsible outlet for unwanted and unused corporatewear. Our service is designed to provide full brand security in the recycling and reuse of corporate clothing, ranging from the secure shredding or debagging of branded workwear to the reuse of garments, for example by oversewing logos or using heat seals. We also work with designers to upcycle garments where possible.

Reducing the carbon footprint is another imperative. The UK textile industry predominantly sends textile waste overseas for initial sorting and segregation as cheaper labour there makes it more economically viable. Green Reparation aims to develop a UK sorting and segregation industry that complements the needs of the UK textile industry through synergies with Green Reparation Community Payback and work in prisons. Not only will this create jobs for participating offenders and a workforce for textile recyclers, but it will also provide a more environmentally sustainable solution to the current situation where tonnes of textile waste is moved around the world.

And then there is cost. The UK landfill tax escalator is set to increase annually, reaching £80 per tonne in 2014. This charge is passed on to businesses that pay for waste disposal in the form of skip hire, local authority trade waste collections and/or secure disposal. Green Reparation provides a competitive corporate workwear disposal service that assures brand security and tangible cost savings. Fees charged by Green Reparation for this service are applied directly to the creation of employment opportunities for ex-offenders in the green economy.

Green Reparation delivery partners hold the following licences:

  • Waste Carriers Licence
  • A U8 Exemption from the Environment Agency for the reuse/recycling of textiles
  • All licences are available for inspection.

The Waste Hierarchy

The Waste Hierarchy shows the different types of resource recovery options in order of preference, with the most sustainable at the top.

We strive for reuse in the UK through manual segregation as our method cares about brand integrity, landfill, carbon footprint, and the benefits of enabling offenders to move into green jobs.

Green Reparation™ is working with the Waste Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and the Centre for Reuse and Remanufacturing to develop the protocols for branded workwear recycling.