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Wood recycling

The majority of discarded wood that ends up as landfill is suitable for reclamation, recycling or reuse.
Wood Recycling and Reuse

Recent research by WRAP put the volume of waste timber generated annually in the UK at around 4.5 million tons, of which half is generated by construction and demolition.

Green Reparation enterprises generate income through the charges to collect waste timber — at a cost less than the use of skips, so the waste generating business has a financial incentive to use the service.

After denailing, sorting and other reclaim activities, income is also generated from the sale of the wood for DIY, wood products and firewood. Wood recycling at this level does not require a high-quality space. It can be undertaken in almost any reasonably accessible, secure space.

The most value comes from joinery work, from services such as cutting to size, sanding and finishing through to making and selling a range of recycled wood products for the home, garden and small business markets. Prison and probation workshops are usually equipped to offer custom services and to produce such high-quality items. This kind of work also provides the most valuable work experience and vocational training for offenders.

Example End Product Reclaimed Wood Description Equipment & Infrastructure Needs
Laminated wood blocks (chopping boards, trivets) Laminate many pieces of wood together Saw, planer, router, drill, hand tools, sander, PPE paint and glue. Workshop
Small furnishings (picture frames, spice racks, shelves) Small lengths of wood
Medium-sized furnishings (stools, boxes, bedside tables) Longer lengths of wood (e.g. a stool requires 18″)
Large furnishings (tables, dressers) Longer lengths of wood
Reclaimed timber Wood that is rot free and sourced by careful demolition As above. Also power sander, metal detector and dust filtration system. Flooring stock should be kiln dried.
Flooring Tongue and groove — typically 4″ x 6″ widths. Nail holes and imperfections would give a rustic look.
Wooden toys Small pieces of wood Table, saw, planer, band saw, drill press, power sander.
Garden furniture & bird feeders Small pieces of wood
Compost & mulch  Green waste including trees Grinder (for mulch), bags, outdoor space (if composting). Local Authority may work in partnership.


Our wood recycling services are designed to

Save you money by reducing your expenditure on landfill charges

Provide you with regular and reliable collections that minimise the need for waste storage

Reduce your impact on climate change and the surrounding landscape

Improve your reputation as an environmentally aware and responsible waste generator

Strengthen your ‘green’ credentials and competitive edge.

metal container filled with wood rubble